Monday, October 27, 2008

Bacchiochi’s stance

I ask the voters of Stafford, Somers, and Union to consider re-electing me for a fourth term as your state representative.

I have tried to return every constituent call as promptly as possible, while offering friendly, understandable, and professional responses to your concerns. Whether we are working together to fix a pothole, track down a ConnPACE application, or write a citation for your Eagle Scout, I’ve enjoyed every opportunity to serve you. While providing constituent service is only part of the job, I consider it vital and important.

The other half of the job — serving on legislative committees, crafting legislation, and voting on bills — requires “on the job training.” I am happy to report that I am fully trained and well prepared to be a strong voice for you in Hartford. My experience includes years of dedication to the Public Safety and Security Committee, the Planning and Development Committee, and extensive work with organizations such as Women in Government.

This session must address an immediate crisis in the economy, a failed Wall Street, and soaring energy prices. I am prepared to work with the governor to make necessary cuts to our out of control state budget. This will not be pain-free, but it is what we need to do. The alternative — increasing taxes to cover the deficit — is not acceptable. I am on your side — and I will prove it to you.

While I will not stop working on educational funding, veterans issues, public safety, senior services, affordable housing and farmland preservation, my priority will be jobs, taxes, and the economy.

The most meaningful compliment I ever received from a constituent was short but memorable. I was told, “I like you, Penny, because you listen more than you talk.” Thank you for your consideration on Election Day.

Penny Bacchiochi


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